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Six Interior Design Trends Set To Take Over In 2023

Interior design trends are not solely about establishing wonderful aesthetics in our homes, those purely for style. They are, in fact, important for our senses and well-being too. Design trends promote refreshing our living spaces and creating comforts that support our happiness, which is why, alongside the fashion of making our homes look great, they should also appeal to those wanting to live their best life too.

As we approach 2023, interior designers are already sharing their predicted trends, trying to keep up with the latest colours, patterns, and furniture purchases as styles continue to quickly change in the wake of a pandemic. Now, with more residents working from home and seeking out sustainable property designs, interior design trends are changing rapidly and are making the world of home decor more exciting than ever.

Colour Of Earth

In response to the host of white and grey walls that have taken over homes in recent years, colours are starting to return to living spaces, with a particular focus on a nature-inspired palette. Now, deep blues, greens, and even browns, those that are emblematic of the wild outdoors, are being used to decorate homes. Expect to see plenty more next year, as well as a rise in clay-based paints too.

Return Of Art Deco

The intricate and glamorous embellishments of the art deco period are returning in a number of ways. While furniture of the period has maintained relatively high demand, now homeowners are seeking to find the patterns and textures associated with the era. Statement print wallpapers, gold trimmings, and lavish velvet spread are all being popularised for the decadence they bring to rooms.

Outdoor Dining

As greater value is placed upon gardens, residents are finding as many ways to get as much use out of their outdoor spaces as possible. One such way is to create stylish outdoor dining areas that allow for individuals and groups to spend more and regular time outdoors, sharing meals and revelling in a natural space.

Smart Living

Technology is becoming more quickly integrated into our homes and smart living technology is no influencing design too. Wireless chargers, for example, are being incorporated into surfaces and wooden floors are displacing carpets as robotic vacuum cleaners relieve us of certain chores.

Environmentally Friendly Decor

From reclaimed wood to upcycled furniture, ecologically friendly interior design elements are set to reach their peak of popularity next year. As residents seek to reduce their carbon footprint at home, not only are ethical purchases becoming prefered but designs are being rooted in environmentalism and sustainability. Expect fewer plastics and more timber.

Local Artwork

Locality is being celebrated among interior designers for the unique design it instils into a home. Residents can seek out artwork and materials only available or particularly associated with their area, not only using them to design their living spaces but to also demonstrate and connection and fondness for the local culture and heritage too.