Signs Your AC Unit is Low on Refrigerant

The AC unit is an essential part of your home. Its function is to cool the inside of your house and increase your comfort. If the AC unit is not working, you will be much more uncomfortable, and heat will build up inside the house. This article discusses five signs that the AC unit is low on Refrigerant.

  • The AC Unit Is Making an Unusual Amount of Noise

An AC unit should be pretty quiet when it is working, but if it starts making a lot of hissing and bubbling noise, there is a problem that needs to be addressed. The more noise your AC unit makes, the higher the chance that there is something wrong with it. Noise indicates that it is probably necessary to contact a Professional for AC Repair.

  • Higher Electric Bill

If you have noticed that your electric bill has gone up, then your AC unit is low on Refrigerant. Air Conditioning systems use a great deal of electricity, and when it is low on Refrigerant, the system will work overtime to try and cool your house down. The old AC unit is probably not efficient, and it may use too much electricity. Replacing the AC unit will help you in several ways, including reduced energy usage and lower electric bills.

  • Set Temperature Is Not Reached

When the temperature inside your home is not reached, then this is a sign that your AC unit is low on Refrigerant. If you have a thermostat installed in the house and you can adjust the temperature, then you should be able to change the temperature on your AC unit to reach the appropriate temperature. This will help you inflate the AC unit. If this does not work, other factors may be responsible for your AC unit not reaching the temperature you want.

  • Condensation

If you notice the AC unit’s water on the walls, then it is likely that the AC unit has low Refrigerant. The water that is present on the walls is caused by condensation. What happens is that when there are low levels of Refrigerant in your AC, the compressor cannot work efficiently and hence will start cooling down the system faster than it should. As a result, water will begin to condense inside the system.

  • Vents Are Not Working

When you can smell a strong odor of Refrigerant in the air and the vents are not working, this is a sign that your AC unit is low on Refrigerant. When the compressor starts working to cool down the room, it will suck in the fresh air, and because of this, it will make an effort to push out stagnant air in your home. It may also attempt to push out warm air from the room, allowing space for more cool air.

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