Red Carpet Hire and More to Elevate Your Function to the Next Level

When hosting a function, you want everything to be perfect from the food to the drinks to the venue. How about the entrance to your party? If you are looking to elevate your function to the next level, there are little details that can help make sure that your event is unforgettable. One of these is hiring a red carpet for your event. Make your guests feel like celebrities with this special touch to your event.

What Functions are Red Carpet Suitable For?

Red carpet hire in Melbourne is suitable for a variety of events. If your event is a fashion show, this is a great option for an unforgettable runway. Formal company events and charities are great functions for red carpet hire.

Red carpet hire is suitable for more than just high-end formal events. They make a great addition to weddings. Either guests can enter the wedding on the red carpet or it can make a memorable entrance for the bride. Debutante balls are another great venue. Rental of the accessory makes it affordable to all and is a better use of a budget than to buy a red carpet for use only a few times a year or maybe even less.

Red Carpet Options

Do not let the name fool you. Red carpet can come in a variety of colours in addition to red. Available colours include black, white, blue, pink, yellow, green, orange and so many more to fit the theme and décor of any event. Rental of red carpet is just the beginning. Additional services available include rental of tensa barriers and bollards. Bollards are available in brass, chrome, and black. Clients can choose from a variety of coloured ropes to match the carpet.

Media walls are popular among clients looking to host events. Services offer include promotional backdrops with logos or sponsor names. These are great for promotional photographs. The professionals are able to design and print custom backdrops your specifications. If you are looking for a custom-built wall for the event, look no further. The professional staff can create a custom wall from start to finish and even provide the appropriate lighting. LED screens are also available to fit any wall, as needed.

If your function is an indoor/outdoor function, you may find yourself in need of artificial turf. For instance, if you are holding the ceremony for your wedding outside and need a little more of a serene outdoor feel, artificial turf may be the answer for you. Artificial turf is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and feels like carpet.

Traditionally, one might think of turf as being only green in colour, but clients can choose from a variety of colours including black, red, blue, and white. This is a great option for events which may last over several days. Cleaning is easy; just vacuum the turf as you would any other carpet.

Elevating your event to the next level can be easy. Trust the professionals when it comes to all of your red carpet needs.