Mark Roemer Oakland Presents You a Guide to Garage Door Opener Repair


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, your garage door may not open due to a multitude of reasons. As soon as you figure out the problem, repairing it is a relatively easy task. Let’s check out how you can identify problems with your garage door and repair it:

The Process 

  • Dead battery or remote – This one is the easiest problem to identify and fix. Check your garage door remote. Slide open the battery compartment and check the batteries. Put them in a different remote, clock, or any other battery-operated device to check if they’ve run out of juice. If those devices don’t run, you need to find the physical switch in your garage to open and close the door.

If the garage door operates it’s safe to say that the batteries were the problem. Go to the nearest store and get those batteries replaced. If the garage door still doesn’t work, the remote may have been damaged. Replace the remote and the door should work fine.

  • Disrupted power connection – Your garage door opener draws power from your home. If there’s a blackout or disruption to your home’s power due to an overload or any other such issues, the door opener won’t get the power either. If your home doesn’t have power, check if one of the breakers has been tripped.

Flip it back up and make sure the appliance that caused the breaker to trip is plugged into the wall properly. Once power is restored the garage door opener should work properly.

  • Burned out motor – If power isn’t an issue, the garage door opener motor may have been damaged or burned out. Changing the battery or flipping a switch or breaker won’t fix the problem this time. Instead, you need to get your hands dirty and replace or repair the motor. If you aren’t comfortable with replacing the motor, you should leave it to a professional.

Otherwise, you can unbolt or unscrew the garage door opener from the ceiling frame and loosen the chain that is connected to the opener and the garage door. After that, you need to clean and lubricate the chain and unscrew the opener shell to remove the motor. When you get the replacement unit, you may need to attach new laser sensors to the wall and reroute the wiring.

  • Adjust the close limit switch – If your garage door opens yet doesn’t close properly, you may need to adjust the close limit switch. It’s a safety mechanism that tells your door when it reaches the floor. This prevents damage to the doors and the concrete floor. Each close-limit switch is different and varies between different models from different manufacturers. You need to refer to the garage manual to adjust it.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you assess your garage door and figure out the source of the problem. After you identify the problem, you can use one of the above-mentioned fixes to repair the garage door.