Intriguing Designs for Your Master Bedroom Window

A bedroom provides a quiet space to unwind after a long day at work or home. You probably envision a master bedroom with limited access to light and plenty of privacy while maintaining coziness and elegance. Lucky you, there are many window blind solutions available to fit any style of an average master bedroom size.

Below are the window blind ideas you might find intriguing for your master bedroom.

Classical White and Black Shutters with Plain Wood

Classical white shutters are ideal for your average master bedroom size if you love the neat, clean window concept. Consider tier-on-tier shutters, which allow you to open the top and lower pieces separately. Or, you can opt to cover the lower parts of the window only. In this case, you should choose café curtains to achieve the look.

While white is beautiful and reflects more light into the room, some homeowners prefer privacy and a warmth-in-dark master bedroom. In this case, a dark-colored shutter may be the ultimate choice for you. You can incorporate plain wood in the shutters into an average master bedroom scheme.

Patterned Drapes with BlackOut Lining Fabric

If you enjoy the pattern in your drapes and prefer the blackout effect of a blind, consider lining your floral or patterned curtains with blackout fabric. This design ensures you don’t lose the theme of your master bedroom while also maintaining the amount of light accessible in your average master bedroom size. These curtains are ideal for all seasons, especially during summer. In addition, blackout curtains will keep the heat out by minimizing the heat transfer from the window to the room.

Roman Blinds

The graceful folds in the fabric, which stylishly unfurl when you pull down the blind, give a significant touch of sophistication and refinement to your décor. Additionally, the enormous selection of colors and patterns available means you can genuinely create a one-of-a-kind average master bedroom size with roman blinds.

Roman blinds work extensively to ensure no light slips in via the side gaps created by the curtains. They also prevent light from shining through your window. A blackout Roman blind is mainly ideal if you fancy dark warmth in your room.

Hang Curtains on The Ceiling

Shorter curtains are no longer fashionable; they make the windows appear small and confining. You have probably noticed that curtains don’t just flatter the window’s dimension; they flow down the floor. You should apply this design to your bedroom. To add elegance and style to your master bedroom, go for floor-to-ceiling curtains. A solid-color wave curtain creates a brilliant yet essential finish that is pleasing to the eye. Swap out the eyelets to match the curtain pole for a more finished look. The floor-to-ceiling curtains give your average master bedroom size more height while maintaining a clean and basic feel.

Add Some Layers

Layering curtains and sheers are the keys to creating a rich characterful scheme. If your curtains can’t seem to block the light as you desire, layer them with additional window treatments like blinds or window film. With this technique, you’ll get the minimum light while maintaining the solitude of your master bedroom.

Privacy Wooden Venetian Blinds

The Privacy Wooden Venetians are a superior choice for your bedroom windows. They are created with privacy in mind. There are no gaps in the slats for the cord to pass through, and the slats are closed tighter to decrease the amount of light entering the room.


Your bedroom is your private space where you can relax without interruption. Ensure you identify the best window design to meet your master bedroom needs. Consult an interior designer to get the space of your dreams.