Interior Design Ideas for First Time Buyers!

When buying a house, it’s most people’s dream to create the perfect interior in their first home, settling in and creating a personal paradise. You may know a thing or two about decorating and styling; however, it can be harder for your first home, as well as a challenging process in itself. It’s much better to wait and think about your style goals and not fall into the trap of instant results and quick fixes. After all, you’ll likely have waited a long time for your dream home, why not make it perfect?

You might be thinking about storage and decoration simultaneously, as you’re trying to navigate the best place for all your furniture and belongings. The tip here is not to rush this instead, plan this tactically. Your effort can turn an empty space into a personal slice of paradise.

Here are few tips to help you make the most of your new space and create the perfect first home.

Plan before investing

Buying a home is quite an investment and planning the design and style of your new home will be an investment in itself, of both time and money. Let’s say you’re planning to paint your walls, you’ve picked a colour scheme and you’re ready to get going. However, one of the walls could be knocked down to offer a better layout in your space. So, the question should be, why paint the wall when it might be better to knock it down?

The key here is to plan your goals before you invest any funds into decorating. Investing time can quite often save you money in the long run, so invest wisely in both time and funds!

Refer closely to the floor plan of your property. It will help you to get an understanding of the space and layout, helping you settle on furniture, layout, and decorating ideas for each space. If you have the funds, you can also seek the help of an interior designer. If you go down this route it’s important to consider their advice, as a home investment is a huge decision, and needs proper consideration before you make a purchase.

Consider your Budget

When it comes to your first home, you’ll second guess almost everything, and making mistakes along the way is common, after all, you’re navigating something entirely new. Before you settle on a paint shade, make use of the sample sizes available and test these in your home environment. Make sure to take enough time to decide on the colors used in any space or alongside one another, making sure these complement both each other and the space.

You may have an idea about your design goals when moving into your home; over time this may change whether your style has changed or your family home is expanding. For this reason, make sure you are considering the total budget that will be included in creating your dream house. Working to a budget and doing one space at a time will help you stay within budget and plan for the next project.

Express your Style

People often take inspiration from celebrities and their homes when searching for tips or inspiration for decorating their personal space. While we don’t discourage sources of inspiration we think it’s best to follow your own compass when it comes to your home. After all your house is your personal space. It shouldn’t be molded by what other people may or may not like; it should be centric to you, your tastes, and your interests. A home is a perfect opportunity to make a space that showcases your passions, the people who matter to you and the story of your life, and what makes it unique.

 Use small things to express yourself, your taste in music, or what you love. It’s your space don’t be afraid to be bold!

Create a Bathroom Sanctuary

Your worries and negativity need an outlet, somewhere you can relax, unwind and spend time caring for yourself and that’s your bathroom! We relax in these spaces, we soak in the bath, and think about the day, our lives, and our goals. Think back to the times you’ve had an idea come to you in the shower!

Your bathroom should have a family-friendly, calming energy to help promote relaxation. If you realize that your showerhead is useless or the bathtub is tiny, you will have to make changes. Getting a certified designer for large-scale renovations to your bathroom will help make it your dream sanctuary!


The best lighting can change a space with the literal flick of a switch. The layout and size of a space can be manipulated to appear bigger and brighter just by adding the right lighting. In addition to the type of lighting, pay attention to the arrangement and layout of the lights of each room.

A bedroom can benefit from dim lights for relaxation, while your kitchen or living room should have a substantial amount of light, for cooking, reading, and entertaining. Two of your rooms will really benefit from the inclusion of natural light or lights that mimic this; the kitchen and bathroom. You do most of your activities there, and the space requires good lighting.

Consider the position of the light along with the amount of light required.

Always work with an expert to get the best suggestions to set your lighting. Natural lights are the best, but you can’t always have a huge window to get lights.

Versatile Furniture  

As we’ve mentioned, your taste and design goals are bound to change over time. This is where investing in neutral, versatile furniture can really help. Versatile furniture that can be used in keeping with several themes, styles, and trends can help you make the most of your space, whatever comes.

Take design classics such as Chesterfield Sofas, timeless in any setting these pieces suit a multitude of spaces and styles. Keeping things neutral with warm, tan leather or neutral velvet will help give your sofa the longevity it needs while also looking super stylish whatever the setting.


All the tips aside, the best tip is to control your budget and impulse buying. You may end up buying things that later have no place in the design of your house. Keep it tidy and fresh to add a homely feeling.