Improving Your Home with Fabric and Colour

You’d be surprised at the wonders a bit of textured fabric paired with a beautiful colour palette will do for your space. Sometimes, all your home needs is an uplift in your décor choices, small and simple steps to transform the place into a haven of pure luxury.


Making your space into a luxury haven allows you to play with colour, from bold and daring to calming tones. The following colours evoke calming, relaxing moods:

  • Blue = The colour of Peace, Serene and Trust
  • Yellow = Optimism and Warmth
  • Green = Natural, Prosperous and Stable
  • Brown = Sturdy, Rustic and Earthy
  • White = Clean, Virtuous and Healthy
  • Grey = Neutral, Calming

Decide which approach you’re wanting to take and find the best tones to suit your needs. There is wallpaper to suit everybody, you just need to do your research, set the tone and build from there with the right accessories, bedding, scents, and roman blinds to complement this effectively.


Introducing textures around your windows are a beautiful way to create a dynamic space in your home by drawing your eyes to the focal points around the room. You will certainly create a welcoming, warming feel inside your home by incorporating the various textures available when looking to bring an elegant feel to your interior design. If you’re looking for a place to start when considering adding textures and fabrics to your home in the form of made to measure curtains and roman blinds, you can research retailers online to discover the beautiful opportunities you have to create an indulgent, sumptuous interior space.


Creating an elegant vibe within your interior design means you must stay away from overusing a colour palette as you’re running the risk of spoiling your living space. You’re here to make a statement, but one that works well.  Carefully select the tones that work well for your living space and complement you and your own personal lifestyle.

Using bright colours are perfect for throws, scatter cushions, curtains and rugs whilst using the more neutral colour tones for your furniture and walls. Accent colouring through any form of interior design is always beautiful and will work perfectly when creating an elegant interior space.

Contrasting Colour Tones

One important thing to consider when looking into contrasting tones is to keep the colour palette simple. Try to use no more than 3 colours in the same colour scheme to keep the contrast minimal but effective.

We’ve enlisted expert help to bring you the following beautiful contrasts:

  • Gold and Royal Blue
  • Baby Blue and Blush Pink
  • Olive and Blush
  • Navy and Sand
  • Sage and Stone

Colour palettes offer a beautiful contrast in tones without over doing it in your living space. There is so much to work with and experiment when changing up your interior style. Ensure you pair the perfect colour palette with stunning fabrics and patterns for the most beautiful, elegant, contrasting interior décor.