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Handy energy-saving tips while using the geyser

Water heaters or geysers become a necessity during the winters. Still, not everyone gets one installed relying on the old-school water heating rod or just a humble cooking stove for heating the water instead. This is not just because the heaters are expensive to buy rather it is the sky rocketing operating costs which dissuade many from using a geyser. Geyser price must be carefully considered and compared in order to make a well-informed choice before buying a geyser. Here is the list of best water heater for you to make an informed decision.

Geysers are electric devices using up electricity to heat large amounts of water. By laws of thermodynamics, the amount of energy required to heat such large quantities of water may be calculated and doubtlessly it would be large enough to make any middle class man reconsider his plans of buying one. This wide-spread question inspired this article to be written to give ideas on how to reduce energy consumption by a geyser. It is not enough to simply buy a 5 star rated geyser to save energy, there are some things which the user has in his or her control. Making smart use of these devices can help drastically lower electricity bills.

Choose geysers with outside thermostat control

Geysers are equipped with a thermostat to control heating process and stop the operation once water temperature reaches a certain fixed level. Usually this level is set to 60 degrees by default. However, through research and user interaction it has been found that the ideal water temperature to take a bath in is around 40-45 degrees and thus heating beyond this level is a sheer wastage of energy.

Thus, by buying a geyser with outside thermostat control this temperature limit may be altered and thus much of useful, precious energy may be saved.

Switching the geyser OFF when not needed

The geysers are so designed that if kept ON, they would automatically switch off once the water temperature reaches a certain limit and if kept ON, the thermostat will turn the heating element on again once the water cools down to below the threshold value. Thus, this cycle of heating and re-heating would keep on going endlessly if the geyser is not switched off. This is a huge and ridiculous wastage of energy since it is going waste as the water is not being used. Thus, it is imperative to turn the geyser OFF when it is not needed.

Choosing the right-sized geyser

Instant water heaters on account of their characteristic of not holding any water in storage use considerably lesser amounts of power. Similarly, storage geysers having larger storage tanks use more power than the ones with smaller tanks. Thus, a geyser must be chosen only after considering the requirements with respect to the capacity of its tank required. Uselessly choosing a large capacity geyser shall entail heavy electricity bills.

Buying energy efficient geysers

Electric appliances in India come with BEE Star rating labels which make it a lot easier to choose a device with lower energy consumption. Thus, it is highly recommended to choose 5 star rated geyser since they assure low power usage and energy loss in their regular usage.