Gardening Tips Everybody Should Know

Gardening can be a relaxing way to unwind and enjoy a beautiful summers day. Don’t worry if you are a novice, even the most experienced gardeners make mistakes, so make sure you have fun with it. We have some great tips for you and your garden to get you on the way to becoming a green fingered genius!

  • Give Your Plants Enough Space

Giving your plants enough space between each other will encourage a strong growth and not result in you needing to water and fertilise your plants as often. If your plants are overcrowded, they are likely to gather diseases and eventually die out.

  • Choose the Right Plants for Your Soil

Believe it or not, no two soils are the same. Do your research on the type of soil you have in your garden, or the type of soil you plan to use in your planters and then plant the flowers, plants, and vegetables that are best suited for the kind of soil you intend on using. You will find your plants really thrive from doing so.

  • Plan Ahead

Plan your garden ahead of planting as well as designing your garden before you start digging up the dirt and making a mess. As the saying goes, fail to prepare, prepare to fail. By ensuring you have a clear plan, you can begin to prioritise your garden tasks.

  • Be Gentle

Young plants are awfully fragile, you can really damage them by not being gentle enough. Be sure to always take your new additions out of their tubs slowly, and carefully, being sure not to disturb it too much whilst placing the plant in its new home.

  • Water Your Plants Well

The time is now to do your research on how much your individual plants need watering. Each plant is different. You could devise a watering schedule so you can keep an eye on what plant needs watering and when. Equally, there are water irrigation systems that can do that for you. Take a look into Two Wests for the best products for helping you water your garden.

  • Weed, Weed, Weed

How well you weed can make or break your garden, so keep on top of it and ensure you get the weed out right from the root or they will be back with a vengeance. Weeds can prevent your plants from getting the right amount of water and nutrients, as well as taking over the available room to grow and thrive so this job is an important one.

  • Have fun!

Most importantly, always remember to enjoy your garden and have fun whilst gardening! Don’t take yourself too seriously, and remember, even them most experience gardener makes mistakes, we’re all on a learning curve so we may as well enjoy it and reap the benefits of our hard work all summer long.