Do You Want to Change the Shower Screen in Your Bathroom?

One of the best ways to change the looks of your bathroom and give it a new, fresh, clean look is by changing the screen for the shower. If you plan to refurbish your bathroom, you can better optimise the space by switching out what you use for a screen.

In some instances, a homeowner elects to get rid of a traditional shower and bath with a shower curtain and install only a shower with a glass screen. This new look gives a bathroom a spa-like feel and enhances the overall décor. You can even turn the bathroom into a wet room if you so choose. The idea is to impart luxury and a new escape when you take a shower.

A Tough and Durable Glass Product

That is why you need to find out more about designs for a glass shower screen in Perth. You do not have to worry about the durability of the glass as this type of screen is made of a tempered and tough glass that will not shatter into shards in the rare case it may break. Instead, the glass crumbles under a heavy impact.

That is why frameless glass shower screens are trending in Australia. Not only are these screens beautiful and sophisticated but they provide good value for the cost. A frameless shower screen will increase the looks of your bathroom and transform it into a more modern space. In turn, you will receive a product that is strong, elegant, and stylish.

Plus, you can choose form one of various shower screen options. For instance, you can select from designs such as a tri-slider, mirage screen, mirage square-cut model, integrity fully framed glass screen, or corner entry slider.

What you choose in a screen will depend on the configuration of your bathroom and your own style preferences. For example, a corner entry slider effectively utilises your bathroom’s space. Placement is in the corner of the bathroom. Dual sliding doors are featured and the corner entry design enables full-size installation. This type of shower screen enables you to place items such as vanities, baths, or toilets without access or space problems.

A Space-Optimising Screen for the Bathroom

You will like the design of this particular space-optimising screen as its full-length grip stiles provide closing at the point of entry and avoid problems with door rollback. The water resistance of the screen improves safety in the bathroom.

By using this corner screen, you can create a premium designed bathroom at a surprisingly economical price. Also, all the screens that are featured today are easy to maintain. Because they feature smooth and contoured appearances, they minimise the accumulation of soap scum, which makes cleaning a breeze.

Smaller screens are usually designed to conform to glass sizes in 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm designs. Some of the smaller configurations will also accept laminated glass up to 6.5mm in size. When choosing a corner screen or any shower screen, you can select from an array of colours, Choose from grey, black, white, bright gold, or bright satin finishes. Special colours are also available upon request.