Creating a Statement Style in Your Home

Creating a statement in your home isn’t about buying one standout piece and creating all attention on this one spot. It’s about finding décor pieces within a theme, colour scheme, and tones, and working them together coherently to create a fluid, seamless space that sets the tone for the rest of your home.

You can create a statement style in your home through all manner of ways. Firstly, we believe showing character in your décor through pieces that reflect your personality is essential for creating the perfect vibe in your home. Nothing is more individual than pieces that are personal to you and your own characteristics.

Statement art and imposing chandeliers create dramatic effect in your home. If your room craves wow factor, artwork and lighting are a beautiful place to start. Your lighting sets the tone for the room. We recommend using the power of three, one statement lighting in the centre of the room followed by a table lamp and floor lamp or two table lamps. You can streamline your home by complementing your switches and plug sockets. At one time, the standard white composite switches were the only option for homes, now we have hand crafted solid metal plug sockets and switches refining your home down to the very last detail.

Image Credit: Buster + Punch

If you’re into your organisation, don’t be afraid to include plenty of storage. The minimalist, clean look is something of a dream so having plenty of space to hide away your belongings is important. You can introduce storage under your stair space for a more seamless, hidden look. This way you are introducing a clean, luxe minimal environment at home which is very on trend. This also ensures your personal clutter doesn’t deter from the style you are trying to achieve throughout your home.

Always oversize your pieces, even if you think you don’t have enough space. The following pieces create beautiful interior design:

  • Large rugs
  • Statement chairs
  • Floor lamps
  • Artwork
  • Chandeliers
  • Drop pendants
  • Table centrepieces

Even if your home is on the smaller scale, large, oversized items will always create a more luxurious vibe throughout. Smaller items collect dust easily, and fade into the background, looking more clutter like than statement and bold. Featuring a large, statement vase in the middle of your dining table with some crisp white hydrangeas draw in the eye and create a welcoming space to entertain.

Sculptural décor pieces are certainly a focal point to the room. They instantly add a luxurious feel to any home and are a beautiful conversation starter at a dinner party. These pieces are largely down to personal taste and bring a lovely sense of texture and colour to your home.  Ideal homes for your sculpture décor are side units, coffee tables and console tables. If you’re an expressive person you may want to find pieces that resonate with you, that way your house really becomes a luxurious home.