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Child Safety, Curtains and Blinds 9 Tips to maintain your Child Safe

Maybe you have considered the actual danger to children which may be brought on by curtains and blinds? Are you aware that children all over the world die each year from strangulation brought on by the cords being too lengthy and also the children getting caught within the loops?

Its relatively simple and affordable to create your curtains and blinds safe for your kids, we begin by checking all of the curtains and blinds in your house and try this advice:

1. Blinds and curtain cords ought to be stored well from achieve of kids.

2. Shorten the cord but make sure the blind will still function properly when adjusted.

3. Make certain that youngsters can’t achieve the cords. Cords ought to be roughly 1.6 metres lengthy

4. Replace cords with wands

5. Never place your child’s bed, highchair, playpen or crib near a door or window where they are able to achieve the cord and get up to date within the cord

6. Don’t put anything a young child can climb on,chairs, sofas tables near home windows or where you can find doorways with curtains and blinds

7.Cords ending inside a loop really are a real danger and really should be altered for optimum safety. To get this done,cut he cord in two to eliminate the loop ensuring the curtain or blind continues to be operational, adding tassels to really make it look great and stop it from fraying.

8. We don’t recommend tying the cords together as this results in a new loop where the child turn into entangled.

9. Fasten a cleat towards the wall or widow frame and wrap the cord round the cleat.

Following these pointers will make sure your son or daughter’s safety.

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