Home Improvements

7 Ways To Create More Space At Home

Creating space at home isn’t solely about having the capacity to place more objects, such as furniture and decor. In fact, a home with more space, or even simply the sense of more space, can both improve a resident’s sense of well-being and even increase property value.

Some homeowners struggle to find space within their property, residing themselves to have a cosy living space. With a little creativity and planning, however, even small homes can be designed to improve the space that they offer. To show you how, we’re sharing seven great ways that you can create more space at home.


Modular Furniture


Multifunctioning furniture, also known as modular furniture, has great potential, especially within small living spaces. Being able to be easily moved and adjusted to suit certain floor plans helps pieces to minimise their impact upon a space. However, it is the designs that allow for larger assets, such as beds and sofas, to double up as storage that is most beneficial.



There are likely to be lesser-used items within your home and, once identified, they should be resigned to an out-of-the-way space, such as an attic. Alternatively, attics are also great spaces for conversion, allowing them to be used as living spaces and storage spaces too.

Garden Outbuildings


Creating a usable living or storage space outdoors, whether within converted sheds, summer houses, or log cabins, can alleviate the pressure placed upon a central living space and open up the garden as an area for activities.

Creative Lighting

There are ways in which a home’s interior design can create an improved sense of space. While this may not increase storage potential, it does benefit a home’s aesthetic, as well as a resident’s well-being. Natural light, as well as certain artificial options, are effective tools in reshaping a room’s style, with poor lighting even undermining great furniture arrangements.

Optimised Storage

A home should be scrutinised for its potential dead space. This could be beneath stairs or between rooms, even outdoors. By recognising such spaces, they can be optimised for storage, allowing for nooks and crannies to conceal items around the home.


Those with the ability to increase the size of their homes are in the fortunate position of having more space at hand. While an extension is a financially expensive undertaking, they are generally considered to be lucrative, earning a great deal of return on investment. Additionally, they also increase the size of a home’s living space, allowing for under or entirely unused outdoor space to be exchanged for interior capacity.

Multipurpose Rooms

As a greater number of residents are moving into positions of remote working, living spaces are being tasked with taking on professional requirements too. One creative way around this, which can also benefit homeowners looking to generate more space within a property, is multifunction living spaces. By utilising specific rooms for multiple functions, a home can realise an entirely new potential of space, even opening up entire rooms.