6 Tips To Help You Decorate Your Home Using Small Turkish Rugs!

It’s safe to say that plenty of people all throughout the United States love small Turkish rugs, and these small flooring décor options are versatile all throughout a household.

Small Turkish rugs are very in-demand these days for a variety of stylistic reasons, and finding Turkish rugs online has never been easier with the help of online outlets like Rug Source helping shoppers everywhere.

There are many useful ways to place a Turkish rug within your home, and below we’ll be detailing six tips to help you decorate certain household spaces with these stylish options!

Upgrading Your Bathroom’s Floor Mat With A Small Turkish Rug 

One of the most popular places to put small Turkish rugs within a contemporary home is just in front of a bathroom sink. Many people want a little extra pizzazz in their bathroom décor, and Turkish rugs just so happen to be a really easy way to upgrade a bathroom’s aesthetics and pull together the entire space from an aesthetic standpoint.

Turkish rugs are also a good option for bathrooms because they’re water-resistant and can withstand moist environments.

Adding Some Extra Style To Your Kitchen 

There’s a special ambience that goes with adding some vintage décor into a kitchen area, and this is likely connected to the fact that your kitchen will likely feature many bright colors and windows.

Turkish runner rugs are a good option for the more narrow areas of your kitchen, because they’ll withstand any moisture, provide a functional shape, and will give you that extra bit of style that your kitchen may need.

Try Placing A Turkish Rug In Front Of A Mirror 

Another great place for a Turkish rug within your home will be right in front of a mirror, which is great for your social media outfit pictures in a bedroom, or in a foyer area.

A vintage area rug can do wonders for setting the tone of your entire home’s décor in a foyer, and it’ll be a great energy for your guests as they enter your living space. But of course you don’t always have to place a Turkish rug in front of a mirror in your bedroom or foyer area, because mirrors can literally be placed just about anywhere in a home.

The trick with this home décor tip is to make sure that your mirror stretches down towards the floor, and this is because it’ll make the rug more visible in mirror pictures that you take during your morning routines!

Beautiful Ornamental Art 

Turkish rugs are pretty unique as compared to most other types of Oriental area rugs, and this is because they come in many various styles. One popular Turkish rug style is the kilim rug, and these rugs are typically hung up on walls as ornamental art.

There’s something very homey about hanging up high-quality rugs on your walls as compared to traditional wall art, and it can provide a very unique aesthetic for you and your guests!

Contact The Experts at Rug Source To Learn More About Decorating With Small Turkish Rugs! 

There’s a lot that you’ll need to keep in mind when you’re considering Turkish rug décor options, but what’s great is that you don’t always have to go about these types of décor investments on your own (even when shopping online).

The industry specialists at Rug Source will always answer your questions, look through images of your home, and let you know what your best options may be based upon your personal preferences and budget!