5 Myths about Residential Pest Control You Need to Know

You won’t find any residential property owner who won’t mind sharing his or her residence with destructive and disease-transmitting pests. Common household pests that include ants, wasps, termites, bed bugs, spiders, rodents, etc., take no time to wreak havoc in a house and on occupants’ health. Despite taking precautionary measures, an infestation of pests may happen in a home.

To prevent annoying and damage-causing pests and insects from invading your residential space, it is of utmost importance to contact the reputable Pointe Pest Control service provider. It boasts highly trained and experienced exterminators who know the right way to keep the risk of a pest infestation at bay. Get in touch with such a pest control company if you do not want pests to take over your abode.

Here are some common myths that you must know about residential pest control.

Myth #1: Bed Bugs Only Inhabit Unclean Beds

You will find bed bugs in seven out of every ten homes. It’s a myth that pests like bed bugs only live in a messy bedroom. Even the cleanest of sofas and beds sometimes become the dwelling place of bed bugs. These pests are more drawn to those areas where they find availability of blood. So, do not think that there isn’t a colony of bed bugs if your bed seems clean and dirt-free.

Myth #2: Bees Sting Only After Provoking

One of the common myths is that bees sting occupants of a residence only when provoked. The truth is bees attack whenever they feel so that no resident dares to threaten their colony. Even if you pass by the nest of bees in your home unknowingly, they will sting you in no time. Contact a professional exterminator to identify and get rid of such nests successfully.

Myth #3: Ultrasonic Repellents Help Control Pests

You will have peace of mind only for a few days if you use ultrasonic repellents, and then again, pest infestation in your home will bother you like anything. Just for earning profits nowadays, many companies sell such repellents, which in reality remain effective for the short term. Such a repellent isn’t a long-term solution for household pest control.

Myth #4: Fleas Can’t Survive Without a Host

Another myth is fleas perish the moment they don’t find a host. Do not believe such a myth. The reality is that a fully mature flea can live even without a host for as many as 4-5 days. Within this period, fleas manage to find a host (a human or pet) to latch onto. Make sure you do not delay hiring an exterminator once you find fleas biting marks on your or your pet’s body.

Myth #5: Applying Pesticides Once is Enough

Household pests will keep infesting your house if you stay away from contacting pest control service providers after they apply pesticides once. To get rid of the entire population of ruinous and disease-spreading pests from your home, professional exterminators need to revisit your house twice or thrice a year. You must remove all those substances that attract pests and apply pesticides at frequent intervals.

Final Words

The aforementioned ones are some of the many common myths pertinent to home pest control. Do not believe any one of these as none are true. Seek complete assistance from pest control experts if you find it challenging to exterminate pests from your home.